ABPA — A Product of Amarac Technologies Incorporated

Amarac Project Management System (APMS)

The APMS is a user-friendly application that enables organizations to easily manage projects, from initiation to completion, tracking milestones and deliverable.

The APMS easily tracks the elements of a project, project team members, project tasks, project assignments, timelines, and deliverables, status, progress (% complete), budget, cost, prioritization, critical path, critical activities, and generate analytics.

The syetem monitors project critical paths, burndowns, and spend vs percent complete and sends alerts to the project stakeholders when set thresholds are met.

The pricing model is PUPM (Per User Per Month) subscription, with flexible and affordable plans, plus discounts to significant reduce cost.

Benefits of eMedirex HCS

  • Ability to collect and securely store accurate patient information
  • Ability to send notification and reminder to patients
  • Online consultation
  • Better patient communication
  • Patient education and awareness
  • Electronic Order Intake
  • Patient Fulfillment Tracking
  • Medical Record Documentation
  • Inventory Management
  • Integrated Billing (Bill/Pay)
  • Collaboration with Physicians, Hospitals, and Clinics in multiple locations

Benefits of eMedirex HCS

  • Online Referral
  • Critical Drug Result Alert
  • Integration with Drug Reaction Database
  • Billing and Payment Processing
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Direct Billing
  • Insurance/Third Party Billing
  • Permission-Based Dashboard
  • Productivity, Revenue Reports, Vital Data Automation
  • Drug and Clinical Protocol and Alerts
  • Public Data Repository Export