ABPA — A Product of Amarac Technologies Incorporated

DocuPliance™ - Document and Compliance Management System

Docupliance is a solution that empowers organizations to effectively manage any type of documentation-oriented process, including contract, compliance, policy, client, vendor, legal, audit, etc.

The solution has a robust inbuilt workflow to seamlessly manage communication, collaboration, review, and approval. It is a great tool for law firms, courts, government agencies, auditors, and organizations that handle a significant number of documents regularly.

DocuPliance enables all stakeholders or review participants to easily and securely upload and store documents, receive instant notifications, access documents from anywhere on any device, anytime, and share documents without difficult-to-track emails. The system logs most activities for audit purposes.

The pricing model is PUPM (Per User Per Month) subscription, with flexible and affordable plans, plus discounts to significant reduce cost.