ABPA — A Product of Amarac Technologies Incorporated

Aubiquiti™ Online Exam Management System

Aubiquiti™ is a comprehensive online exam management system suitable for any type of examination

Aubiquiti™ is a robust online exam management system, packed with over 40 features to effectively manage any type of examination; from academic exams to professional certification exams. Aubiquiti empowers the system actors – exam Controller, exam administrators, and candidates (exam takers), to effectively play their roles.

The solution enables exam administrators to easily manage questions, candidates, examinations, configure the system, monitor exams at multiple locations from one location, and generate up to 10 reports and dashboards.

Aubiquiti™ is integrated with the Amarac's Online Learning Management System (LMS) and can be integrated with other online learning management systems.

Benefits of the Aubiquiti™ Exam System

  • Easily setup and manage questions and answers
  • Easily manage question levels
  • Easily manage question categories
  • Automatic and manual question selection by subject
  • Jumbling question order up to 8 versions
  • Easily import & export exams
  • Easily managing candidate
  • Easily manage candidate status
  • Easily import candidate
  • Import candidate Photos
  • Easily manage candidate lock and unlock
  • Exam hall-wise candidate filter
  • Easily create and manage exams
  • Easily configure exam status
  • Effectively monitor exams at multiple locations from a single location
  • Easily import paper-based questions for exam setup
  • Automatic transfer of candidate answers to remote
  • Auto exam for venue system performants testing
  • Candidate trail exam before exam start
  • Exam timer
  • Candidate review questions

Benefits of the Aubiquiti™ Exam System

  • Highlight answers and reviews
  • Configurable time check alert
  • Automatically shut down exam when time is up
  • Flash news in thank you page
  • Chart venue, community wise
  • Extra time exam wise, hall wise, candidate wise
  • Invigilator version change
  • Invigilator can unlock candidate login
  • Candidate can verify their information
  • Easily setup multiple exam venue
  • Multi language support
  • Easily manage system users
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Reports by roll call
  • Reports by rank
  • Reports by answer sheet
  • Jumbling question order
  • Reports by exam result
  • Normalization batch wise
  • Detailed candidate answer sheet
  • Candidate attendance reports (absent/present)